Clinical Bioinformatics

Expert level data analysis

Focus on your patients and research — let ICBL assist with your data analysis. With our experience and instruments, your lab will save time on bioinformatics to solve your high priority tasks
The ICBL team of clinical bioinformaticians, variant scientists, and medical doctors has extensive clinical experience with thousands of cases analyzed for our customers. Together we reach goals whether it is efficient routine analysis of genomic alterations causing known hereditary diseases or creating new algorithms and software for analyzing NGS data.
exomes, genomes and gene panels analyzed
new collaborations with clinical labs in 2022
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  • NGS data and variant analysis for monogenic diseases and oncology
    Outsource bioinformatics data analysis or get your software customized including back-end pipeline and variant visualization. Your dataset will be analyzed according to the latest international recommendations and with the highest accuracy.
  • Get your software and algorithms optimized for various tasks
    Discuss your projects with us and get software developed specifically for your needs. We have experience in developing algorithms for reproductive genomics (NIPT/NIPS, PGS) as well as routine lab tasks like sample tracking and primer design automation.
  • Create internal database of genomic variations and more
    Access your data easily and implement a user-friendly interface to simplify data analysis. We realize the complexity of clinical genomics and know how to organize and curate data. Proper software can speed analysis of routine cases by up to 10-fold.
  • Outsource your bioinformatics research
    Bioinformatics provides essential tools for clinical genetics, microbiology and many other biological fields. However, not every lab has a bioinformatics core – this is when you can opt for a contract research organization. ICBL has significant experience in genomics working as CRO with many clinical and research labs.

Selected publications

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